A History of

by Craig Keyzer


This is a brief visual history of the various tee-shirts that were designed by or sold through the Chris Duarte Group Fan Club. Starting back in 1992 a variety of shirts have been produced, the goal being to distribute many designs so that a CDG show might be like a Grateful Dead concert with a kaleidoscope of tee-shirt designs worn by fans. 1,085 shirts were sold through the fan club and another 800 were distributed outside of the fan club. So if you see someone wearing one of these shirts, introduce yourself and compliment the wearer on his incredible taste (in music that is!). The following shirts were sold through the fan club, but numerous other designs (not shown here) have been sold on the road by the Chris Duarte Group or were designed by others for specific events.


This was the first Chris Duarte Group shirt and was designed in August of 1992. Chris Duarte's mom, Kay, had these printed up. 500 were made. I designed this shirt two years before the fan club came into existence..


This shirt was specifically printed up for a Christmas show at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas, on 12/24/94. 300 were made and given free to those in attendance. It was printed with flourescent ink that glowed under a black light.


These two shirts were leftover stock that a promoter sent to me to sell through the fan club. These were officially the first tee-shirts available for sale through the fan club newsletter and appeared in the 4th newsletter on 5/23/95. The one at left features Chris erupting out of the ground with a full moon, a rainbow, lightning bolts and a storm (we all know that the Chris Duarte Group often creates their own weather patterns when they play). The one at right was from a multi-city Texas tour that Chris Duarte and Ted Nugent did together in 1994. The fan club sold 150 of the shirt at left and 35 of the Chris/Ted shirts.


The famous "Star logo" shirts were printed up by Joe Priesnitz, the Chris Duarte Group manager at the time. 50 were sent to me to sell through the fan club (10 white and 40 black shirts). These appeared for the first time in the 6th fan club newsletter on 9/6/95.


This shirt first appeared in the 8th newsletter from 2/27/96. 120 were made and also featured small photos of bassist John Jordan and Frosty, the CDG drummer at the time.


This was the first two-sided shirt. The back had a purple and orange image of Chris and the front had a small star logo right over your heart! 112 of these were made on grey shirts and appeared in the 12th newsletter from 3/12/97.


By popular demand the "Star logo" shirt was brought back in 1997. It had a single large two-color Silvertone logo appearing on the front of a charcoal-grey shirt. The two colors blended into each other with the type printing in white. Several color combos were printed up (see above) for a total of 287 shirts sold. These first appeared in the 13th newsletter from 4/18/97.


The back of this shirt features Chris Duarte's 1963 Fender Strat against a rendition of the large tattoo that covers Chris's back (including the Freightliner truck logo which he has on his right shoulder). This was also a 2-sided shirt and the front had a small white Star logo that was placed over your heart. This shirt appeared in the 21st newsletter back in 6/28/99. 275 of these were sold through the fan club.


The "Poppin' with the Groove" shirt was another 2-sided shirt and was done on white tee-shirts and white baseball jerseys with burgundy sleeves. The front featured a close-up shot of Chris's hands and the back featured Chris, John Jordan, and drummer Jason Patterson. 156 of these were made and appeared in the 24th newsletter from 6/15/00. This was the last tee-shirt that the fan club printed up.