Supersonic Blues Machine

February 2016, Provogue
PRO74782 (CD) / PROPROMO478US (Promotional CD)

Chris Duarte appears on "That's My Way".










Mojo Perry

February 2013
Self-Produced (MP3 download)

This album was recorded in 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Chris appears on all songs
and sings two of his own compositions, "Monkey Food" and "Milwaukee Blues".
The other songs are "Fool In The Rain", "Hotsy Totsy", "Eye Of The Beholder",
"20 Dollar Bill", "Trouble", "Good Times", "Question Answer", "Indrani",
"Heroin", "Rainy Days" and "Going The Distance".








Mojo Perry

November 2012
Self-Produced (MP3 download)

This album was recorded in a mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in January of
2011. Chris Duarte appears on all of this instrumental album on the songs
"Welcome To Wonderland", "Madhatter's Tea Party" and "The Hatter's Dream".










Johnny Hunkins

2011, Grooveyard Records

Chris appears on two songs, "Memphis" and "Let It Eat".









Miscellaneous Artists

2010, Blues Bureau International
BB 2072-2 (CD)

“Let's Have A Party” from the album "Vantage Point".











Miscellaneous Artists

2009, Blues Bureau International
BB 2068-2 (CD)

“Hard Mind” from the "Blue Velocity" album and
"Satisfy" from the "Vantage Point" album.








Miscellaneous Artists

2009, Blues Bureau International
BB 2064-2 (CD)

“Something Wicked” is listed from the "Blue Velocity" album,
but the song that is actually on this album is "Amy Lee".








How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Lissa Hattersley

2009, Kimbark Road
KRR10055 (CD)

Chris Duarte appears on "Shake Down The Stars".





Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship

2007, Summit Records,
DCD 488 (CD)

Recorded at Exocet Studios, Atlanta, Georgia

Chris Duarte appears on “Willy's Little Men”.










Freeway Jam: To Beck and Back
Miscellaneous Artists

2007, Tone Center,
TC-4057 2 (CD)

Recorded at Phantom Studios, Sherman Oaks, California

Chris Duarte appears on “Behind The Veil” on
this tribute album to Jeff Beck.









The Benefit Concert, Vol. 2
Warren Haynes

March, 2007, Evil Teen Records
651751-1200-2-0 (2 CDs)

A live concert, Warren Haynes' 12th annual "Christmas Jam", recorded at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, North Carolina, on 12/21/2000. The Chris Duarte Group performs two songs, "Baddness" and "Who Knows". Early purchasers of this 2-cd set also received a bonus cd (below).





The Benefit Concert, Vol. 2 (bonus cd)
Warren Haynes

March, 2007, Evil Teen Records

This was a free limited-edition bonus cd that was given to early purchasers of Warren Haynes' album "Benefit Concert, Vol. 2" (above). The cd is a radio program that occurred the day before the live concert above. It was recorded on 12/20/2000 at WNCW Public Radio in Spindale, North Carolina. It features Chris Duarte performing "How Long" with Warren Haynes, as well as an interview with Chris Duarte and Warren Haynes.










Bluestone Co.

2006, Big Stone
RDCA-1004 (CD)

Chris Duarte appears on five songs, "In The News Today", "She Cries",
"Luck Shine On Me", Me n' You", and "Carnal Assets". He also
wrote the lyrics to these as well. The songs rhythm tracks were
recorded and sent to Chris from this Japanese band. In Atlanta,
at Damien Lewis' home studio, Chris overdubbed his guitar and vocals.









Retrospective 1991-2006
Tracy Conover

2006, Guardian Wolf Music

The Chris Duarte Group appears on "Escape", "There For Me",
and "Bye Bye Baby". These songs also appeared on Tracy's
prior release in 2003 (see below).













Nature of the Beast
Robert Laxson

2006, A self-produced cd

Chris Duarte appears on four songs:"Got A Good Woman",
"Just A Fool", "Help A Brother Out", and
"Smooth Texas Groove".














Greezy Wheels

2004, Tana Records,
TR0005 (CD)

Chris Duarte appears on "White Fear In America", "Monkey In The Church",
"YoYoYo", and "Shake Down The Stars".






Box Of The Blues
Miscellaneous artists

2003, Rounder, 11661-2171-2 (CD)

A 4-cd set that includes "How Long" from
the "Love Is Greater Than Me" album.













Tracy Conover

2003, Guardian Wolf Music, (CD)

This is a CD put together and sold at gigs by Tracy Conover. The Chris Duarte Group
appears on "Escape", "There For Me", and "Bye Bye Baby".




Boogie Man
Omar & The Howlers

2003, Ruf Records,
RUF 1093 (CD)

Chris Duarte appears on "Boogie Man", "Shakin'", "Bad In A Good Way",
and "All The Love We Can Stand".





Texas Guitar Slingers, Volume 1
Miscellaneous artists

May, 2002, (CD)

A limited-edition benefit CD to raise money for the Texas Council on Family Violence.
The Chris Duarte Group performs "Violence". The CD was recorded in
June 2001 at Austin School of Music studios.












The Mysterious Quartet From Helsinki
(John Jordan, Chris Duarte, Alex Coke, Jimmy Way)

March, 2002, Tana Records, 0005 (CD)

Recorded at Jimmy Way's home studio, Wimberley, Texas

An excellent improvisational album of musical mastery!
Only 200 copies of this all-instrumental CD were made.

MQFH Blues / Year Of The Horse / Mitzi / New Moon (intro)
New Moon / Abraham / (plus ghost track!)








The Blues White Album
Miscellaneous artists

2002, Telarc,
CD-83553 (CD)

"I'm So Tired" by Chris Duarte and Chris with
Maria Muldaur on "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da".















2000, ERA Records,
6470-2 (CD)

Features "Cleopatra" from the "Tailspin Headwhack" album.










LIVE@La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX '99

1999, Pachyderm Records,
PAC-VI-7 (Video)

Recorded at La Zona Rosa, Austin, Texas, 9/29/99

Chris introduces Indigenous and sits in with them on their encore, "Scufflin'".













Only One
John Jordan

1999, Tana Records, PR 0001 (CD)

Recorded at World Axis Studio in Austin, Texas

An amazing recording of blistering, masterful improv featuring Chris Duarte, John Jordan, and
B.E. "Frosty" Smith. Two different covers were hand-drawn by John Jordan and his daughter, Tana.
Only 50 of each were made and were sold by John at some shows before the official release.

Coltrane Suite (Prologue-Prayer-Dance-Mother Blues) / Interlude: Mr. Smith / City Driver
Interlude: Mr. Jordan / Only One / Interlude: Mr. Duarte / Gil Evans / Free-Amazing Grace














Blues Next: The New Generation
Miscellaneous artists

1998, Scimitar Entertainment,
55422 (CD)

Features "My Way Down" from the "Texas Sugar Strat Magik" album.













21st Century Blues
Miscellaneous artists

1997, K-tel,
6278-2 (CD)
6278-4 (Cassette)

Features "My Way Down" from the
"Texas Sugar Strat Magik" album.














True Blues
Miscellaneous artists

1996, BMG Direct/RCA,
DPC1-1284 (CD)

Features "Borrowed Love" from the
"Texas Sugar Strat Magik" album.















Force Majeure
Craig Erickson

1996, Shrapnel Records,
BB 20352 (CD)

Recorded at Private Studios in Champaign, Illinois, 4-5/96

Chris appears on two cuts, “Everywhere” and “Wild Cat”. He
overdubbed his solos in Austin, Texas, at Larry Telford Digital.












Thrill For Thrill
Junior Medlow

1994, Lizard Discs, 80005 (CD)

A reissue of the Junior Medlow "Thrill For Thrill"
album from 1993, but on a different label.









Say What!, Bobby Mack & Night Train

1993, Provogue, PRD 70502 (CD)

A reissue of the Bobby Mack "Say What!" reissue from 1990, but on a different label.











Thrill For Thrill
Junior Medlow

1993, Blue Train Records
BTR 1193 (CD, cassette)

Recorded at Audio Arts Recording in 9/93, Austin, Texas

Chris appears on “Worst Kind Of Way”. He overdubbed his solo after
the album was recorded. Out of print, but the cassette version is still
available through the fan club (see the STUFF page).




Back Here Again
Wendi Slaton

1992, Justice Records,
JR# 0602-2 (CD, cassette)

Recorded at Sugar Hill Recording Studios, Houston, Texas

Chris is on the entire CD. The CD has “I Can’t Stand The Rain”,
which is not found on the promotional cassette.

Back Here Again / Don't Know Who To Believe / (It's Been) So Long
The Jealous Kind / Take Care Of You / My Finger Is A Gun / I Do
Life Is What You Make It / How I Wish She Would
You Can Have Me Forever / 0602 / I Can't Stand The Rain



Say What!
Bobby Mack & Night Train

1990, Train Time Music
MCD 1500 (CD), TT 1500 (cassette)

New tracks recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin, Texas

A reissue of the Bobby Mack "Night Train" recording from 1985, with
three new cuts added. The new tracks do not feature Chris Duarte.









Terry Warren & The Texas Tiger Band

1986, SRS Records, (album, cassette)

Recorded at SRS Records’ Studios in Austin, Texas. Out of print.

New Orleans / Your Love Is A Mystery / Going Cruisin' Tonight
Death Drives A DeSoto / Amarillo Windblown Blues / Go Down Easy
Snake Bite / Breakwater / Nuevo Laredo / Baby's Gone To Memphis


Texas Jam, Jim Hermell

1987, Recorded at SRS Records’ Studios in Austin, Texas

Chris says that he recorded an entire album’s worth of material with this guitarist out of Australia.
The session took place in Austin, after which Jim Hermell went back to Australia. Chris doesn’t
know if this material was ever released. If so, it could be an Australian release.







Bad Attitude Blues b/w Just For You
Julie Burrell

1986, Gem Session Productions,
JB001 (12” single)

Recorded at Riverside Sound Studios in Austin, Texas

Chris appears on “Bad Attitude Blues”. On the cover his name is misspelled
“Cris” and the song title is misspelled as “Bad Attitudes Blues”. Out of print.









Night Train
Bobby Mack & Night Train

1985, SJM Records, Train Time Publishing
SJM 1400 (album)

Recorded at Cedar Creek Studios in 1984, Austin, Texas

This is Chris Duarte’s very first recording. He appears on “Piece Of My Heart”,
“Change My Mind”, “Take A Look At Yourself” and “Take It Home”.
The cover incorrectly has him credited on “Treat Her Like A Lady” and
not on “Piece Of My Heart”. Out of print (only 500 made).