Chris Duarte Group

5/2016, World Domination Productions, 14U (CD)

Chris Duarte with Chris Burroughs and Jeff Reilly on drums and Steve Evans
on bass. This was an album funded by fan contributions and recorded at
Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, California. They are available through
Chris Duarte's website or at his shows.

3:13 / Thick Of It / Try Your Love On Me / Wouldya Wanna
She's Fine / Rolling Freight Train / I Can't Help Myself / Wasting Away
Pop Song / Screenwriter's Blues / You Suck / Bigger Wheel / Mary












Chris Duarte Group

10/2015, Blues Bureau International, BB20929-2 (CD)

Chris Duarte with John McKnight on drums and Kevin Vecchione on bass. This
was his 13th album and no Japanese version or bonus tracks this time out.

You Know You're Wrong / Angry Man / Crazy For Your Love
Who Loves You / Here I Come / Let It Go / Man Up / Not Chasing It
Weak Wheels / Ain't Gonna' Hurt No More
Meus Via Vita Suite:
Let's Go For A Ride / Minefield Of My Mind / Setting Sun









Chris Duarte Group

8/27/2013, Blues Bureau International, BB2089-2 (CD)

This is a 2-cd live compilation from a 2011 tour of Japan. It features Chris Duarte along with Yoshi Ogasahara (who Chris also played with in Bluestone) on bass and Jack Jones on drums.

Hideaway / Big-Legged Woman / Ridin' / Do The Romp / Make Me Feel So Right
Bottle Blues / Let's Have A Party / Still I Think Of You / Free For Me
One More Cup Of Coffee / 101

The Best That I Can Do / Satisfy / People Say / Hold Back The Tears
Sundown Blues / My Way Down / Cleopatra / Like Eric / Hard Mind / Alabama








My Soul Alone
Chris Duarte Group

2/26/2013, Blues Bureau International, BB2087-2 (CD)
3/12/2013, P-Vine Records, PCD-93682 (CD, Japanese release)

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, October, 2012, in Cotati, California. Chris Duarte used
studio musicians with Steve Evans on bass and Aaron Haggerty again on drums.
The Japanese release contains a bonus track, "Run It, Gun It".
It also has a lyric booklet and the artwork on the cd is different.

Show Me That You Want It / Yes, It's You / Take Me Now
A Dollar Down And Feeling Low / I Bucked It Up / Outta My Way
Leave My Soul Alone / Sweet Little Girl / Lazy Afternoon
Can't Shut Me Out / Blue Jean Outlaw / Carelessness

Run It, Gun It (bonus track on Japanese release only)







Blues In The Afterburner
Chris Duarte Group

9/27/2011, Blues Bureau International, BB20782 (CD)
10/19/2011, P-Vine Records, PCD-93462 (CD, Japanese release)

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, July, 2011, in Cotati, California.
This was the first time Chris Duarte recorded with studio musicians instead
of his band. Robert Watson was on bass and Aaron Haggerty on drums.
The Japanese release contains a bonus track, "Sweet Young Pussycat".

Another Man / Make Me Feel So Right / Bottle Blues
Milwaukee Blues / Hold Back The Tears / Summer's Child
Searching For You / Black Clouds Rolling / Don'tcha Drive Me Crazy
Born To Race / I've Been A Fool / Prairie Jelly

Sweet Young Pussycat (bonus track on Japanese release only)








Infinite Energy
Chris Duarte Group

September 2010, Blues Bureau International, BB 2075-2 (CD)
October 2010, King Records, KICP 1494 (CD, Japanese release)

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, May, 2010, in Cotati, California
The Japanese release has a bonus track "Up On Olympus"and a lyric booklet.

Ridin' / City Life Blues / Cross My Heart / Waiting On You
Sundown Blues / Cold Cold Day / My Heart Don't Want To Let You Go
Killing Time / Purple Gloaming / Me All Me / Hamra St.

Up On Olympus (bonus track on Japanese release only)





Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, All Things Blue
Chris Duarte Group

11/23/09, Blues Bureau International, BB 2069-2 (CD)

A collection of songs previously released on "Blue Velocity", "Vantage Point", and "396", along
with an unreleased studio outtake ("Outside Man") and four live tracks: "101", "Baddness",
"Like Eric", and "Free 4 Me". This was a limited-edition collector's cd.

Amy Lee / Sun Prairie Blues / Something Wicked / The Best I Can Do
Satisfy / Let's Have A Party / Back In Town / Chattahoochee Side
Outside Man / 101 / Baddness / Like Eric / Free 4 Me





Chris Duarte and Bluestone Co.

2009, Blues Bureau International, BB20632 (CD)
2009, P-Vine Records, PCD-24213 (CD, Japanese release)

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, September, 2008, in Cotati, California
The Japanese release has completely different packaging
and front cover (left), as well as a lyric booklet.

Back In Town / Put Up Or Shut Up / Chattahoochee Side / 396
Give It Back To Me / Silver Spoon / Funky Mama / Mad As I Can Be
Angelina / Still I Think Of You / The Ballad Of Kohima Ridge / H2K3








Vantage Point
Chris Duarte Group

9/08, Blues Bureau International, BB20622 (CD)
BSMF Records, BSMF-2103 (Japanese release)

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, June, 2008, in Cotati, California.
The Japanese release includes a green Chris Duarte Group guitar pick stuck on the front cover.

The Best I Can Do / Satisfy / Slapstak / More Boogie
Troubles On Me / Let's Have A Party / The End Of Me And You
Blow Your Mind / She Don't Live Here Anymore / Babylon
Woodpecker /
Bonus Tracks: Blow Your Mind (extended version)
Troubles On Me (extended Version)




Blue Velocity
Chris Duarte Group

2007, Blues Bureau International, BB20572 (CD)

Recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, May, 2007,
in Cotati, California

Amy Lee / Do It Again / Hard Mind / Something Wicked
I'll Never Know / Sun Prairie Blues / Never Gonna Change
R U 4 Real? / Out In The Rain / Leave Her Be / Met My Match











Live House ENN, Sendai, Japan, 1/11/06
Chris Duarte and Bluestone

5/06, AeroLiner Records

This is a full-length live concert dvd of Chris Duarte backed up by the Japanese band Bluestone
from a their tour of Japan in January of 2006. Features Chris singing his songs as well as
doing vocals of Bluestone songs. 1,200 were made and it is now out-of-print.

Leave Her Be / Bring You Down / Big-Legged Woman / Chevrolet / Borrowed Love / Waste Of Time
People Say / Lowdown Blues / Just Kissed My Baby / Out In The Rain / 101 / Can't Fight The Blues
Why Live For Dying? / Hold Back The Tears / I'll Never Know / To The Higher Ground
C-Butt Rock / Highway Man / My Way Down / Cleopatra / Like Eric




Chris Duarte Group

2003, ZOE/Rounder Records
011 431 033-2 (CD)

Recorded at Sweet Tea Studios in February of 2003, Oxford, Mississippi

Do The Romp / 101 / Fire's Gone Out / Like Eric / My, My / One More Cup
Bb Blues / Last Night / Mr. Neighbor / Take It To The Lord









Love Is Greater Than Me
Chris Duarte Group

2000, ZOE/Rounder Records
011 431 016-2 (CD)

Recorded at World Axis Recording Studio in May of 2000, Austin, Texas

Baddness / Brand New Day / All Night / Metaphor Song / Free 4 Me / How Long
Paper Dolls / Metaphor (acoustic) / Azul Ezell / Watch Out / Duarte e Ezell (Opus 1 No. 3)





4x3: Edge
Chris Duarte Group

1999, AeroLiner Records
QYC-006 (CD)

Recorded at World Axis Recording Studio in Austin, Texas
This CD is out-of-print, only 1,000 were made

Brand New Day / How Long / For The Rest Of My Life / Leave Her Be









Tailspin Headwhack
Chris Duarte Group

1997, Silvertone Records
01241-41611-2 (CD)
01241-41611-4 (cassette)
CTCZ 30010 (Japanese CD)

Recorded at Sound Emporium and The Battery, Nashville, Tennessee,
and also at The Metalworks in Toronto, Canada. Reese Wynans appears on the album.

The Japanese release has two bonus tracks ("Crash" and an alternate
version of "Catch The Next Line"), as well as a decal and a lyric booklet.

Cleopatra / Crimino / The Thrill Is Gone / Drivin' South / Catch The Next Line
Tailspin Headwhack / People Say / Crazy / .32 Blues / Walls




Texas Sugar/Strat Magik
Chris Duarte Group

1994, Silvertone Records
01241-41546-2 (CD)
01241-41546-4 (cassette)
CTCZ 30009 (Japanese CD)

Recorded at Bad Animals Studios in March/April of 1994, Seattle, Washington.
The Japanese CD comes with a lyric booklet.

My Way Down / Letter To My Girlfriend / C-Butt Rock / Just Kissed My Baby
Shiloh / Scrawl / What Can I Do? / Big-Legged Woman / Borrowed Love





Chris Duarte & The Bad Boys
1987, SRS Records, SRS-1 (album)

Recorded at SRS Records’ Studios
from June-September in 1986, Austin, Texas
Out of print (only 1,100 made)

Tropic Joy / Jody / Opus 12 / Prodigal Son / Can Opener
Raedawn / Hard Luck Boy / Sweet Sweet Lady