Here is a summary of Chris Duarte's gear and stage set-up from back in 2002 when this page was posted. Since then Chris has changed his set-up and gear in a variety of ways. He has gone in-depth on this topic in a variety of videos and interviews. To check out Chris Duarte's current set-up, go to these links:
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(Disclaimer: I'm no musician, so I apologize in advance if any of this is misspelled! Please let me know of any corrections to this and I'll fix it) Anyway, as his fans know, gear is merely a secondary reason for Chris's great sound and tone. The main reason is his spirit and fire, seasoned from years of playing in a variety of bands. As Chris says, "Trust your instincts when looking for tone. Tone comes from your hands, the way you grip the neck, the way you stroke the strings, the attack velocity from your pick. And listen to your heart."

Here is a breakdown of his gear:

(Chris has 23, but these are the main ones he takes out on the road)

-1963 Fender Stratocaster
-Epiphone Les Paul
-Gibson ES-175 acoustic hollowbody



-Monster cables used for the guitars
-GHS Boomers
(.011, .015, .018, .030, .040, .050), played down a half-step
-Dunlop .88mm Tortex picks



-Signal/Flex Deluxe A/B Box (with a Boss TU-2 Tuner connected to the Auxiliary jack)

The A Channel drives a 100 watt Marshall 900 Dual Reverb head which drives a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet with 25 watt Celestions

The B Channel drives a Rivera Chris Duarte Signature Model amp with one 15" Electro-Voice speaker which connects (in series) to a 100 watt Rivera Knucklehead Top which drives an Electro-Voice-equipped Rivera 4x12 Slant Cab and a Fender Vibro-King



(For leads Chris steps on a Boss DS-1 which flies out of all 4 amps)

-Roger Mayer Voodoo-Vibe
-Mutron 5
-Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger Treble Booster
-Boss DD-2
-Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
-Boss Flanger (rarely used)
-Boss CE-2 Chorus
-Boss DS-1 Distortion