Elks Lodge, Carbondale, Il - 2/5/05 (Chris Duarte, John Jordan on bass and Nico Leophonte on drums)
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wi - 2/11/05
Birdies, Indianapolis, In - 2/13/05 DVD
Stevie Ray's, Louisville, Ky - 2/14/05 DVD
Blues Station, Columbus, Oh - 2/17/05 DVD
The Hungry Tiger, Manchester, Ct - 2/23/05
The Ram's Head, Annapolis, Md - 2/24/05 DVD
Elks Lodge, Franklin, NH - 2/25/05
Chan's, Woonsocket, RI - 2/26/05 DVD+
Mana'o Radio studios, Maui, Hi - 3/20/05 (Chris Duarte is the DJ at the radio station and plays his favorite artists)
Lion's Lair, Denver, Co - 3/24/05 Video
The Riverwalk, Tulsa, Ok - 6/3/05 DVD
(Chris Duarte, Jason Raspberry on bass and Jimmy Way on drums)
Elks Lodge, Carbondale, Il - 6/11/05 DVD
Gilly's, Dayton, Oh - 6/16/05 DVD
Dinosaur Barbeque, Syracuse, NY - 6/22/05
Mexicali Blues, Teaneck, NJ - 6/24/05 DVD
"Strictly Blues" radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 6/26/05 (telephone interview with Chris Duarte)
The Soiled Dove, Denver, Co - 7/5/05
(Chris Duarte, Abe Combest on drums and Jason Raspberry on bass)
Rotary Pavilion, Texas City, Tx - 7/28/05 DVD (Chris Duarte, Jimmy Way on drums and Jason Raspberry on bass) (a free outdoor show cut short by the mayor due to a nearby chemical plant explosion! Chris improvises and does another set indoors!)
Chord on Blues, Itasca, Il - 8/27/05
Deep Ellum Blues, Dallas, Tx - 10/1/05 DVD
"SRV Remembrance Ride", Cowboys, Arlington, Tx - 10/2/05 DVD (with Trey Tosh)
Deep Ellum Blues, Dallas, Tx - 10/2/05 DVD (aftershow jam session)
Demos, Atlanta, Ga - 11/05
Biscuits n' Blues, San Francisco, Ca - 11/28/05
The Little Bear, Evergreen, Co - 12/9/05

Oskar Blues, Lyons, Co - 12/10/05



photo by Karen Tyson
photo above by Kent "Doc" Wilson (Barfly Photos)