Cactus Moon, Humble, Tx - 1/11/03 (Chris Duarte, Ed Miles on drums and John Jordan on bass)
"Romp" album rough mixes, Sweet Tea Studios, Oxford, Ms - 2/14 - 2/20/03
Mardi Gras, Galveston, Tx - 2/22/03 DVD
Crescent Hotel Ballroom, Eureka Springs, Ar - 3/7/03 Video, DVD+ (debut of several songs from the "Romp" album)
Basin Park Bandshell, Eureka Springs, Ar - 3/8/03 Video, DVD+ (free outdoor acoustic set)
Crescent Hotel Ballroom, Eureka Springs, Ar - 3/8/03 Video, DVD+ (debut of several songs from the "Romp" album, with Steve Pryor)
Poor David's Pub, Dallas, Tx - 3/20/03
"Strictly Blues" radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 4/6/03 (telephone interview with Chris Duarte)
"Lewis and Floorwax" radio show, KRFX radio station, Denver, Co - 4/10/03
Gothic Theater, Denver, Co - 4/10/03 Video, DVD+
Tres Hombres, Woodland Park, Co - 4/11/03 Video+
Radisson Hotel, Colorado Springs, Co - 4/12/03 (interview with Chris Duarte)
Tres Hombres, Woodland Park, Co - 4/12/03 Video+ (features "Blue Monk")
The Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, Co - 4/13/03 Video+ (features "Stratus")
Fort Collins, CO - 4/13/03 (interview with Ed Miles)
Longbranch, Ca - 4/18/03
The Blues Cellar, Struthers, Oh - 5/24/03 Video
Gilly's, Dayton, Oh - 5/28/03
Mill Creek Blues, Appleton, Wi - 5/31/03 Video (features "Stratus")
The Magic Bag, Ferndale, Mi - 6/03 DVD+ (features "Take It To The Lord" with vocals!)
The Patio, Indianapolis, In - 6/5/03
Speedway Bar & Grill, Toledo, Oh - 6/8/03 Video
Manhattan Square Park, Rochester, NY - 6/19/03 DVD
Cactus Moon, Humble, Tx - 6/21/03
"Zoo Bar 30th Anniversary", Lincoln, Ne - 7/11/03 Video, DVD+
Blues on Grande, Des Moines, Ia - 7/15/03 DVD
The Ickey Nickel, Sioux City, Ia - 7/16/03 DVD+ (features "Stratus" at the request of Tommy Bolin's brother standing in the audience in front of Chris Duarte)
Famous Dave's, Minneapolis, Mn - 7/17/03
Antwerp, Belgium - 7/27/03 (with Coco Montoya and Fernando Noronha)
On the roof of News8 TV station, Austin, Tx - 8/10/03 (solo acoustic version of "Romp")
Antone's, Austin, Tx - 8/15/03 ("Romp" record release party)
Cactus Moon, Humble, Tx - 9/12/03 DVD
"The Judy Adams Program" radio show, WDET radio station, Detroit, Mi - 9/23/03
KC's Rib Shack, Manchester, NH - 9/29 - 9/30/03
Stephen's Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY - 10/3/03
Theodore's, Springfield, Ma - 10/4/03
"Sunday Night Blues" radio show, WCCC radio station, Hartford, Ct - 10/5/03
Darwin's, Marietta, Ga - 10/11/03 (with "Tiny Town" and "Missing You")
“Mazzy Gardens” cartoon soundtrack by John Jordan, Tana Studios, Austin, Tx - 10/03 (with John Jordan, Alex Coke, Frosty, Sweet Mary, Red Volkhart, Louis Black, and Randy Kurchoff. Recorded in John Jordan’s apartment)
Blues on Grande, Des Moines, Ia - 11/11/03 (with "My, My")
Famous Dave's, Minneapolis, Mn - 11/13/03 (with "Screenwriter's Blues")
McKenna's, Omaha, Ne - 11/14/03
The Slippery Noodle, Indianapolis, In - 11/17/03 Video
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wi - 11/20/03