"MHZ Presents" TV show, Falls Church, Va - 1/01 Video, DVD (Chris Duarte, Jason Patterson on drums and Robert Kearns on bass)
"The Daydreamer" cartoon soundtrack, Austin, Tx - 1/01 - 2/01 (composed and performed by John Jordan)
Electric Park Ballroom, Waterloo, Ia - 2/3/01 (with Indigenous)
Fox Theater, Boulder, Co - 2/7/01 (includes "Stone Free and "Who Knows")
"Strictly Blues" radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 2/11/01 (DJ giving away CDG tickets)
"Strictly Blues" radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 2/18/01 (DJ giving away CDG tickets)
Starlight Theater, Fort Collins, Co - 2/21/01 (includes debut of "Never Will Change" and soundcheck)
Out of Bounds, Keystone, Colorado - 2/22/01
The Gothic Theater, Denver, Co - 2/23/01 (with Coco Montoya)
Black & Read Records in-store appearance, Denver, Co - 2/24/01 DVD+ (acoustic)
"Strictly Blues" radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 2/24/01
Colorado Music Hall, Colorado Springs, Co - 2/24/01 DVD+ (includes soundcheck)
The Cabooze, Minneapolis, Mn - 2/28/01
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wi - 3/1/01
Luther's Blues, Madison, Wi - 3/3/01
The Magic Bag, Ferndale, Mi - 3/6/01
The Bluebird Theater, Bloomington, In - 3/9/01
Blueberry Hill's "Duck Room", St. Louis, Mo - 3/10/01 Video
The Exit, Nashville, Tn - 3/11/01
The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC - 3/16/01 Video+
The Double Door, Charlotte, NC - 3/17/01
Hard Rock Cafe, Dallas, Tx - 4/7/01 Video
Dan's Bar, Denton, Tx - 4/8/01 Video
Granada Theater, Lawrence, Ks - 5/2/01 Video (clips from "Fusion" TV show)
Cajun House, Scottsdale, Az - 5/10/01 (with Indigenous)
The Cannibal Club, Catamaran Resort, San Diego, Ca - 5/12/01 (with Indigenous)
Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, Ca - 5/13/01 (with Indigenous)
John Jordan lecture, Montgomery College, Conroe, Tx - 5/15/01 Video
Kakaako Waterfront Park, Honolulu, Hi - 5/18/01
"Fusion" TV show, Lawrence, Ks - 6/4/01 Video (from Granada Theater, Lawrence, Ks, 5/2/01)
3rd Street Live, Cedar Rapids, Ia - 6/7/01 (with Indigenous)
The Mac-Dome, Omaha, Ne - 6/9/01 Video+ (with Indigenous, Double Trouble, Billy Lee Riley, Malford Milligan, Davey Bros., and Melvin Taylor, also see 2002 TV broadcast of this show)

The Zoo Bar, Lincoln, Ne - 6/10/01 Video+ (with Indigenous and Davey Bros., includes AC/DC song "Beatin' Around The Bush, sung by Robert Kearns!)
Jovita's, Austin, Tx - 6/22/01 (a reunion show with John Jordan and the Vanguards in memory of band member John Treanor)
Cole Park, Corpus Christi, Tx - 6/28/01 Video
"Eyes To The Skies Festival", Lisle, Il - 7/4/01
Court Street Grill, Pomeroy, Oh - 7/5/01 DVD

Mountain Village, Telluride, Co - 7/11/01 (includes "Beatin' Around The Bush")
WCMF radio station, Rochester, NY - 7/19/01 (Chris plays slide guitar!)
"Frederick Blues Festival", Frederick, Md - 7/20/01
House of Blues, Cambridge, Ma - 7/26/01
Chantilly's, Concord, NH - 7/28/01 Video+
Davis Park, Rockford, Il - 9/1/01
Basin Park Hotel, Eureka Springs, Ar - 9/7/01 Video, DVD
(Chris Duarte sits in with W.C. Clark)
Zoo Bar, Lincoln, Ne - 9/12/01 Video+ (The John Jordan Trio)
Lincoln, Ne - 9/13/01 (interview with John Jordan)
Omaha, Ne - 9/13/01 (interview with Alex Coke)
The Music Box, Omaha, Ne - 9/13/01 Video+ (The John Jordan Trio)
Basin Park Hotel, Eureka Springs, Ar - 9/14/01 Video (The John Jordan Trio)
Auditorium Shores, Austin, Tx - 10/7/01
(opening for B.B. King)
Murphy's, Springfield, Mo - 10/25/01
John Jordan lecture, Montgomery College, Conroe, Tx - 11/01 Video
Dr. Rockit's Blues Bar, Corpus Christi, Tx - 11/9/01 Video
The Supreme Court of Rock 'n Roll, Dallas, Tx - 11/10/01 Video
The Longbranch Inn, Austin, Tx - 11/25/01
(Chris Duarte sitting in with the legendary Hosea Hargrove)
John Jordan Christmas song "Old Anxieties", Austin, Tx - 12/01 (John on piano)
The Grand Emporium, Kansas City, Mo - 12/7 - 12/8/01 Video+ (includes some new songs)
The Longbranch Inn, Austin, Tx - 12/23/01
(Chris Duarte sitting in with the legendary Hosea Hargrove)