Club Sapphire, Orlando, Fl - 1/16/00 Video (Chris Duarte, Jason Patterson on drums and John Jordan on bass)
Court Grill, Pomeroy, Oh - 1/19/00
The Cotton Club, Atlanta, Ga - 1/22/00
The Canyon Club, Dallas, Tx - 2/2/00 Video, DVD (opening for Jeff Healey)
Chris Duarte and Patricia Ezell’s wedding, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Houston, Tx - 2/15/00 ("Duarte e Ezell", a song written by John Jordan as a wedding present; John hired a trio of classical musicians to perform it - Trung Le Trinh: violin, Gayle Garcia: viola, and Steven Wiggs: cello)
Crescent Hotel Ballroom, Eureka Springs, Ar - 3/10/00 Video (with Chris Cameron)
Crescent Hotel Ballroom, Eureka Springs, Ar - 3/11/00 Video
Blue Cat Blues, Dallas, Tx - 3/18/00 Video
Crystal Corner Bar, Madison, Wi - 4/6/00
Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wi - 4/7/00
Sunset Station, San Antonio, Tx - 4/23/00 Video
La Zona Rosa, Austin, Tx - 5/9/00 Video (with Indigenous, Doyle Bramhall, Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, and Mike Keller)
“Beale Street Caravan” radio show - 5/14/00 (with clips from Memphis 3/9/00)
“Strictly Blues” radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 5/14/00 (phone interview with Chris)
“Love Is Greater Than Me” album rough mixes, World Axis Studio, Austin, Tx - 5/00
“Strictly Blues” radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 6/8/00 (phone interview with Chris)
Tres Hombres, Woodland Park, Co - 6/13/00 Video+
Starlight Theater, Fort Collins, Co - 6/14/00
Gothic Theater, Denver, Co - 6/15/00 Video+ (includes soundcheck)
University of Colorado, Boulder, Co - 6/17/00 (interview with John Jordan)
Fox Theater, Boulder, Co - 6/17/00 Video+ (
with Erick Tatuaka on drums for this show!)
Fox Theater, Boulder, Co - 6/18/00 (interview with Chris Duarte)
Blue Cat Blues, Dallas, Tx - 7/2/00 Video
The Magic Bag, Detroit, Mi - 7/8/00
The Patio, Indianapolis, In - 7/13/00 Video+
Roxy’s Music Cafe, Addison, Il - 7/14/00 DVD+
B-Bar, Niagara Falls, NY - 7/16/00
WCMF radio station, Rochester, NY - 7/17/00 (interview and acoustic set)

House of Blues, Cambridge, Ma - 7/20/00
Dan’s Bar, Denton, Tx - 8/19/00 Video/DVD
"Bedford Blues Festival", Dallas, Tx - 9/2/00 Video
Ghost interviews with Chris Duarte and John Jordan - 9/4/00
Antone's, Austin, Tx - 9/28/00 Video
"SRV Remembrance Ride", Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Tx - 10/1/00 Video+
Wherehouse Music in-store appearance, Dallas, Tx - 10/2/00 Video+
Chord On Blues, St. Charles, Il - 10/6/00
(Chris Duarte with Robert Kearns on bass and Jason Patterson on drums)
"World Jam", Cincinnati, Oh - 10/7/00 Video
Court Street Grill, Pomeroy, Oh - 10/8/00
Chantilly's, Concord, Oh - 10/11/00 (includes soundcheck)
Guitar Center in-store appearance, Boston, Ma - 10/12/00 (with Bernard Allison)
House of Blues, Cambridge, Ma - 10/12/00 (with Bernard Allison, includes soundcheck)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY - 10/14/00 (includes soundcheck)
Zeiterion Theater, New Bedford, Ma - 10/15/00 (includes soundcheck)
Rosebud Cafe, Pittsburgh, Pa - 10/20/00
The Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, Pa - 10/21/00 Video
The Odeon Concert Club, Cleveland, Oh - 10/24/00
"The Judy Adams Program" radio show, WDET radio station, Detroit, Mi - 10/25/00
Legends, Chicago, Il - 10/27/00 (with Ronnie Baker Brooks)
Shank Hall, Madison, Wi - 10/28/00
3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, Tn - 10/29/00 (radio broadcast)
"Lewis & Floorwax Show" radio show, KRFX, Denver, Co - 11/3/00 (a contest to see who is the biggest president in Denver - for over an hour it was Chris Duarte fanclub prez Craig Keyzer!)
Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, St. Louis, Mo - 11/9/00 DVD+
The Grand Emporium, Kansas City, Mo - 11/10/00
Minnesota Music Cafe, Minneapolis, Mn - 11/11/00 Video+ (with Bernard Allison)
Juanita's, Little Rock, Ar - 11/18/00 (with an unusual "Drivin' South")
KLBJ "Local Licks Live" radio show, Austin School of Music, Austin, Tx - 11/21/00 (radio broadcast, includes "We Wish You A Merry Christmas")
"Bethlehem: A Christmas Suite", John Jordan's Christmas CD, Austin, Tx - 12/00 (original Christmas music composed and performed by John Jordan)
La Zona Rosa, Austin, Tx - 12/13/00 Video
"Warren Haynes' 12th Annual Christmas Jam", Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC - 12/21/00 (with Audley Freed and Mike Barnes)